Women’s Charter

Women’s Charter

Origin: English – a legislative act to protect the rights of women and girls in Singapore

Women’s Charter, a legislative act passed in 1961  to protect and advance the rights of women and girls in Singapore.

This charter regulates the relationship of a husband and wife. It also regulates the relationship between parents and their children in regard to termination of marriages and division of matrimonial assets. It also serves as a protection against family violence and penalizes those who committed offences against females.

Example “ONLY”:

Ah Hua: “How??? My husband is divorcing me and he says he will refuse to pay me any alimony…I am not working now…..how am I going to survive??”

Ah Lian: “Don’t worry, we women got “Women’s Charter” to protect us!!

Ah Beng: “Of course women no need to worry lah….my guy friend hor, his ex-wife had an affair….then he was so sad and asked for a divorce. His ex-wife then threatened to use the “Women’s Charter” against him and even threatened to say he abused her which he did not….the poor chap is still paying her the monthly alimony…

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