Calefare Origin: Singlish- a name for someone who is working in a minor role on a film or show. They are commonly refer to as an “Extra” Calefare is someone that takes on a minor role in a film industry. They are usually an extra in a movie or show setting. They could be acting […]

Xiao Ming

Xiao Ming (小明) Origin: Chinese – the most common Chinese name used in Singapore Chinese school text book Xiao Ming (小明) is a common Chinese name in Singapore and is widely used in Chinese School textbook as one of its main character/protagonist.

Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad Origin: Person – Famous Singaporean Footballer Fandi Ahmad born in 1962 is a retired Singaporean Footballer who plied his trade mainly in the South-East Asia region between late 1970s – 1990s . He also featured for FC Groningen of Netherlands in 1983, famously scoring a goal against Walter Zenga in a UEFA Cup tie […]


Abang Origin: Malay – the term for elder brother and is also informally used to address a malay friend. Abang is a malay term for elder brother or just simply brother. It is common to call a male malay friend “abang” as it is akin to calling him “Hi Bro”.