Yam Seng

Yam Seng Origin: Cantonese – It means “Cheers” Yam Seng or Yum Seng means “cheers”. It is a form of congratulatory cheer and usually can be heard at Chinese Weddings. Usually the emcee will lead the way to perform this cheer and the rest of the guests will follow suit. The last cheer will usually […]


Shiok Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight  Shiok is an exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight due to a positive experience. This experience can be related to good food and also a certain form of relief .


Alamak Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to express shock or surprise Alamak is an exclamation word used in situations when you are shocked or surprised by something or an event. It is something akin to “Oh my Mother!” and also “Oh my God!”.