7th Month

7th Month Origin: Chinese – The 7th month of the Lunar calendar is a month that celebrates Hungry Ghost Festival. This is a festival observed by Singaporean Chinese. The belief is that spirits will emerge when the gates of the netherworld are opened during this period. The Chinese in Singapore will partake in a series of […]


SBC Origin: Acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation SBC is the acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation which was active between 1980-1994 bringing quality drama, documentaries and current affairs programmes to Singapore’s viewers.


Cher Origin: Singlish – an abbreviated way of calling a teacher “Cher” is used as a short form and informal way of calling a teacher. It is considered to be a friendly and affectionate name to call your teacher provided he/she is not the stern kind.


Uplorry Origin: Singlish/English/Hokkien – to describe a particular person has died/passed away and also can be used to describe things beyond repair. Uplorry is used to describe someone that had already passed away or an item that is spoilt and no longer can be used. In hokkien, the term “ki chia” means the act of the […]