OTOT – Own Time, Own Target

OTOT – Own Time, Own Target Origin: English/Singlish/Army Lingo – Acronym for “Own Time, Own Target” OTOT which stands for “Own Time, Own Target” is a phrase first used in Army Camps when conducting shooting practice at a range for the soldiers. Instructions will be given to soldiers in this manner: “Firers watch the front, […]

chao private

Chao Private Origin: Hokkien/English/Army lingo – a name to describe a newly enlisted soldier Chao Private refers to a newly enlisted soldier. The word “chao” stands for smelly in hokkien and Private is the rank for a newly enlisted Soldier. The words used together form a name that is often used on new recruits by […]


5Cs Origin: Acronym– 5Cs represents the 5 goals of most Singaporeans: Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car, Country Club Membership 5Cs other than representing the 5 goals of most Singaporeans, it is also the criteria that some females would expect from their future husbands. Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car and Country Club Membership are the must […]


Toto Origin: English– a type of lottery game in Singapore Just like 4D which is run by Singapore Pools, Toto is a lottery game and draws take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Toto is a game where the top prize money is high but the odds of winning are extremely low. Punters have to select […]

13th Month

13th Month Origin: English – a term for the annual wage supplement (AWS) 13th Month is a term used to refer to the 13th month bonus which is also known as the Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) that “most” companies in Singapore give out to permanent staff. This is also known as year-end bonus.