Siang Kar Pager?

Siang Kar Pager?

Origin: Hokkien – It is a question asking who had paged me on my pager

This hokkien phrase was commonly used back in the 80s/90s and early 2000s when there was widespread use of pagers. A pager also known as a beeper is a telecommunication device that can receive alphanumeric messages and its main purpose is to receive alerts when someone is looking for you. Back in those days, the pager owner will return call using a landline or via a public phone booth.

With the introduction of the mobile phone, pager is now mainly used by emergency services personnel.


Back in the 90s…..


Ah Beng looks at his motorola pager:  “This number not familiar one leh…dunno who sia….should I waste 10-cent return call anot ah??? Hmm….”

Ah Beng returns call:  “Eh Hello! Hello?! Eh Siang Kar Pager???”

Insurance Agent Willy: “Hi! Tan Ah Beng!!! Ho Seh Boh??? Remember me I am your secondary school friend Willy……I now sell insurance wor….be my customer leh!!”

Ah Beng with his usual wayang antics: “Hello….Eh hello!!! I can’t hear you…hello…hello…” (*drops the call)…..”Nabei….waste my 10-cent………shall block this bugger next time….”

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