Origin: English, Army Lingo – An annual event where Singaporean NSmen go back to the Army or service force for In-Camp Training.

Reservist in english refers to a person who is a member of their country’s military reserve force. In Singapore, it is largely used to describe In-Camp Training for Singaporean NSmen.

The period can range between days to weeks and are classified either as a low-key or high-key event based on the number of days involved.


I just sent my SAF100 (call-up slip) to HR for them to process the necessary for my reservist in November.

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Army, NS

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  1. […] Beng speaking to HR Admin in his company: “Eh Amy, next month I go chiong sua (Reservist) . Here is my SAF100, please help me to do the claim of my salary for the period that I will be […]

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