KPKB – Kao Peh Kao Bu

KPKB – Kao Peh Kao Bu

Origin: Acronym/Hokkien – Literally means “Cry Father, Cry Mother” in hokkien.

This hokkien phrase is used to describe someone who cry/bawl when their father/mother passed away. However, it is used popularly to describe someone who makes a lot of noise (usually making a complaint). This is especially true when vulgarities are included in the person’s complaint.


At a local stockbroking firm:

Alan (just back from his GP visit ): John ah, this time jialat already lah….I was sick yesterday and forgot to help Mdm Tan buy her DEF shares…..this morning I checked….it has gone up….siao liao…..She sure Kao Peh Kao Bu me if she finds out….

John: Aiyo, why you so careless sia….but you lucky lah the stock market also KPKB now also. The DEF shares has gone back to yesterday’s pricing.

Alan: Oh really?? Wah sibeh heng!! Btw…what’s your version of the stock market also KPKB??

John: Oh….I meant to say the stock market “kao bear kao bull”…..means both bull and bear crying lah… is sideways/even now… obvious winner or loser………..that’s what I meant.

Alan: Haha, cry the bear and cry the bull….that’s a good one! Sounds phonetically the same too!!

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