Origin: Singlish – local slang for reserving a table or seat at a hawker centre or eatery with free seating

Chope is commonly used in scenarios where one has to reserve a table or seat at a place usually a hawker centre or eatery with no fixed seating. This usually happens when there is a large crowd at a hawker centre during the peak dining periods.

As patrons have to queue for food (self service), some will use tissue paper packs to “chope” the table or seats in advance.


Siti to Ah Lian: Ah Lian, later we go hawker centre to makan, remember to bring tissue pack to chope table.

Ah Lian: Ok, but hor nowadays so many people complain about chope-ing with some just claiming the tissue pack is theirs lor. I think I bring toilet roll put my name “Ah Lian” big big to chope better! She who dares win!!

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