SAF100 Origin: Army Lingo – SAF100 is a call-up notice for active Singaporean National Servicemen SAF100 is a call-up notice for active Singaporean National Servicemen. NSMen will have to login to the army portal to download the SAF100 which details the period of call-up, the attire and items to bring as well as the army […]

Sorry No Cure

Sorry No Cure Origin: English/Singlish – literally means saying sorry does not help at all. Sorry no cure is often used in reply to someone who had just committed an act be it by speech or action that hurt you. The damage had been done and saying sorry will not reverse the damage.

Siao On

Siao On Origin: Hokkien/Singlish – describes a person who is too serious in things that he/she does. Siao On is a combination of hokkien and english which is used to described a person who is always on the ball and often is the one that spoils the market for everyone.

See See Look Look

See See Look Look Origin: Singlish – This phrase means to have a casual view of sights/happenings or items at a place. “See See Look Look” is often used as a response when someone you know chance upon you along the street or at a place that you usually would not be seen and he/she […]