Siang Kar Pager?

Siang Kar Pager? Origin: Hokkien – It is a question asking who had paged me on my pager This hokkien phrase was commonly used back in the 80s/90s and early 2000s when there was widespread use of pagers. A pager also known as a beeper is a telecommunication device that can receive alphanumeric messages and […]


Satki Origin: Hokkien/Chinese – literally means someone has a fierce aura/look (杀气). Satki is used to describe someone that has a fierce aura/look. However, It is popularly used to describe someone that looks cool. It is as though if looks could kill.


Sayang Origin: Malay- could either mean love, calling someone that is dear to you and can also be used to describe “what a pity”. Sayang can be used in various forms. It can be used to tell someone that you love or dote on them, or to call out to someone that is dear to […]


SBC Origin: Acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation SBC is the acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation which was active between 1980-1994 bringing quality drama, documentaries and current affairs programmes to Singapore’s viewers.


Simi Origin: Hokkien – Hokkien for “What” Simi is the hokkien word for “what”. It is used as a reactionary word and also used to ask questions and is often paired with other hokkien words.


Shiok Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight  Shiok is an exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight due to a positive experience. This experience can be related to good food and also a certain form of relief .