Oei Origin: Singlish/Sound- Used when calling out to someone (informal) Oei or Oui is used when you call out to someone that you know. It is an informal way and some regard it as a being rude especially when you are the one being called out to.  

OTOT – Own Time, Own Target

OTOT – Own Time, Own Target Origin: English/Singlish/Army Lingo – Acronym for “Own Time, Own Target” OTOT which stands for “Own Time, Own Target” is a phrase first used in Army Camps when conducting shooting practice at a range for the soldiers. Instructions will be given to soldiers in this manner: “Firers watch the front, […]

Old Bird

Old Bird Origin: Singlish/Hokkien – the english translation of “Lao Jiao” in hokkien means someone who is experienced and is considered to be a senior at a workplace. Old Bird is used to describe someone who has been at a e.g. a workplace or army for years and is considered to be experienced and a […]