Goondu Origin: Tamil/Malay – literally means fat (tamil) and hard (malay) but is used locally to describe a stupid person or an idiot. Goondu is a name that you use on someone who is either stupid or someone that acts like an idiot. 

GG – Good Game

GG – Good Game Origin: Acronym / Internet Slang – Usually used for saying it was a good game after the end of a online game/match GG is often used to tell one another at the end of the game or match that it was a good game. However, it is also used to describe […]

Grandfather’s Road

Your/My Grandfather’s Road Origin: Singlish/English- usually used to tell off someone when they block others from accessing a place/road. Your Grandfather’s road – is used to tell off people when they block the way of others on a public road/place. My Grandfather’s Road – is used to tell people that their grandfather literally own this […]

Gao Gao

Gao Gao Origin: Hokkien – gao means thick, gao gao means very thick Gao Gao are two words with the same meaning of thick and when used together represents it as extra thick or concentrated depending on what the usage is for.


Gostan Origin: Malay – it means reverse and is a contradiction of the nautical term “to go astern” Gostan is used in scenarios where you need someone to go reverse/backwards. This usually happens in driving situations when you overshot at a destination or turn.