AWARE – Association of Women for Action and Research


Origin: Acronym/English – stands for Association of Women for Action and Research

AWARE is a non-governmental organization in Singapore that is involved in research and advocacy for women and to promote gender equality.

It provides women who need help with various support services including legal services, helplines, education and training. Their objectives are mainly to promote the participation and contribution of women to society as well as the well-being of women and gender equality.

Example “ONLY”:

Ah Beng: “Now those army boys cannot anyhow sing the “Purple Light” song in camp liao”

Ah Seng: “Why ah??”

Ah Beng: “Because AWARE complained about the lyrics lor

Ah Lian: “Aiya, can still sing lah just don’t sing those derogatory lyrics lor…..

Ah Seng: “simi lyrics??”

Ah Beng:K*** the man! R*** my girlfriend!”

Ah Lian: “Shaddup lah!!”

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