7 Early, 8 Early (七早八早)

7 Early, 8 Early

Origin: Chinese – From the chinese phrase 七早八早, which means early in the morning.

“7 Early, 8 Early” (七早八早) also common in its hokkien form is used to refer to the time frame between 7am – 8am (or earlier) when some could still be asleep. It is commonly used as a phrase that precedes a complaint of an activity that caused a din disturbing some people who could still be asleep.


Ah lian: “Eh hello today Sunday leh….basket I wanna get my beauty sleep lah .. why you 7 early, 8 early bing bing pong pong huh?? sibeh noisy leh……

Ah Hua: “Paiseh lah…I meeting my ang moh boyfriend to go jogging mah….I wanna put makeup first hahah…

Ah lian: “Jogging put makeup?? Why don’t you eat and shit at the same time?!?”

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