Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam Origin: Malay – it means Night market/bazaar. Pasar Malam is a common sight in the heartlands estates in Singapore. Not necessarily just restricted to the night, it can be operational during the day; but at night will see its peak. This is like a bazaar/pop-up stalls where one can find street food as […]


Eeyur Origin: Sound – One will produce this sound when you feel disgusted about something Eeyur (eeee…..yurrrrr…) is a sound that one will produce to express that you are disgusted by something that could be gross, dirty or disgusting.


Oei Origin: Singlish/Sound- Used when calling out to someone (informal) Oei or Oui is used when you call out to someone that you know. It is an informal way and some regard it as a being rude especially when you are the one being called out to.  

Gao Gao

Gao Gao Origin: Hokkien – gao means thick, gao gao means very thick Gao Gao are two words with the same meaning of thick and when used together represents it as extra thick or concentrated depending on what the usage is for.


Kilat Origin: Malay/Army Lingo – Literally means excellent in malay. Kilat is a malay word that is often used in the Army. It is used to describe something that is done in such an excellent way and is hard for others to follow.

Referee Kayu

Referee Kayu Origin: Malay- Kayu literally means wood in malay and Referee Kayu is used as a chant to scold referees when they made incorrect decisions. Referee Kayu could be often heard when one watches a live football match at a stadium. This often occurs when the referee made an incorrect or odd decision. Referee […]

Water Parade

Water Parade Origin: Army Lingo – A parade where recruits have to drink large amounts¬†of water. The term Water Parade is something that a Singaporean male will never forget. This is a parade where recruits or trainees need to partake by drinking large amounts of water to prepare them for the upcoming physical training. The […]