GG – Good Game

GG – Good Game Origin: Acronym / Internet Slang – Usually used for saying it was a good game after the end of a online game/match GG is often used to tell one another at the end of the game or match that it was a good game. However, it is also used to describe […]

Kampong Spirit

Kampong Spirit Origin: Malay- Kampong in malay means a rural village and the term kampong spirit means neighbours in the same village are helpful to one another thus creating this kampong spirit. The term Kampong / Kampung Spirit is also often used in Singapore’s urban concrete jungle (HDB) where neighbours live in the same estate […]

Yam Seng

Yam Seng Origin: Cantonese – It means “Cheers” Yam Seng or Yum Seng means “cheers”. It is a form of congratulatory cheer and usually can be heard at Chinese Weddings. Usually the emcee will lead the way to perform this cheer and the rest of the guests will follow suit. The last cheer will usually […]

Grandfather’s Road

Your/My Grandfather’s Road Origin: Singlish/English- usually used to tell off someone when they block others from accessing a place/road. Your Grandfather’s road – is used to tell off people when they block the way of others on a public road/place. My Grandfather’s Road – is used to tell people that their grandfather literally own this […]

Chao Keng

Chao Keng Origin: Hokkien- means feigning illness or physical injury Chao Keng is a commonly used term when describing someone for feigning illness or injury in order to avoid a duty/responsibility. This term is often used in the Army and at workplaces. It is synonymous to the english word “malinger”.


Cock-Up Origin: English – a common phrase used to describe something bad has occurred Cock-Up is frequently used to described a situation where something bad or unpleasant has occurred and prevent rightful things from happening or causing something bad to happen. E.g. a cock-up that leads to something that was supposed to happen not happening […]