Simi Origin: Hokkien – Hokkien for “What” Simi is the hokkien word for “what”. It is used as a reactionary word and also used to ask questions and is often paired with other hokkien words.


Shiok Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight  Shiok is an exclamation word to describe a feeling of delight due to a positive experience. This experience can be related to good food and also a certain form of relief .


agar-agar Origin: Malay –  a dessert that is similar to jelly. agar-agar is a jelly-like dessert derived from algae. It can also be used as an ingredient to complement other desserts. agar-agar itself can also be added with fruit slices or coconut milk to enhance its taste and appearance.


Cher Origin: Singlish – an abbreviated way of calling a teacher “Cher” is used as a short form and informal way of calling a teacher. It is considered to be a friendly and affectionate name to call your teacher provided he/she is not the stern kind.


Alamak Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to express shock or surprise Alamak is an exclamation word used in situations when you are shocked or surprised by something or an event. It is something akin to “Oh my Mother!” and also “Oh my God!”.