WOLS – Slow

WOLS Origin: Internet Slang – Slow spelled in reverse WOLS is often used in online forums as well as text messages to tell people that they are slow to realise an event or meaning of things. This often occurs when someone starts a new thread on the forum telling people of a piece of News […]

Cock Hair

Cock Hair Origin: Army Lingo – literally means pubic hair as well as a loose thread on the army uniform The phrase “Cock Hair” is used in the Army by Instructors/Sergeants. It is used in scenarios where the Sergeant inspects the uniform of a soldier and found a loose thread on/dangling on their uniform. I […]


TLDR Origin: Acronym/Internet Slang – stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read” TLDR or TL;DR is basically an acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. It usually refers to a lengthy post on a forum or a lengthy text message.


Lepak Origin: Malay – It means to relax, hang out or chill out by doing nothing. Lepak is used to describe chilling out, to relax at a place or home by not doing anything. It is a form of enjoyment that is carefree and stress-free.

BTO – Build-To-Order

BTO Origin: Acronym – BTO stands for Build-To-Order BTO is an acronym that stands for Build-To-Order and this refers to new public housing/flats in Singapore offered by HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore). BTO sales typically runs quarterly throughout the year. (depends on demand as well)

Eye Power

Eye Power Origin: English/Singlish – used to describe someone that just stares instead of rendering help Eye Power is a phrase frequently used on someone who does not help but just simply stares as though he/she is rendering help through the power of his/her eyes.

Borrow Me

Borrow Me Origin: English/Singlish – broken english phrase used for borrowing something. Borrow me is wrongly used as a phrase when asking someone to lend an item. Instead of asking “Can I borrow your book?” or “Can you lend me your book?” , “borrow me” is often wrongly used in day-to-day conversation.