Chao Origin: Hokkien – This word literally means smelly. Chao simply means smelly and it is such a versatile word that can be strung with other hokkien and even english words to form an expression.


Ngeow Origin: Hokkien/Teochew – The direct translation is “Cat” but is mostly used to describe a scrooge. Ngeow is used to described a person that is stingy and behaves like a scrooge. A person of such personality can also be picky over trivial things and find fault with others.

Yaya Papaya

Yaya Papaya Origin: Malay and Singlish – This term is derived from the malay word “yaya” which is to describe an arrogant person. Yaya Papaya is used to described a proud person or a person exhibiting arrogance. Papaya was most likely used to pair with yaya because of their similar pronunciation which makes the term […]