Old Bird

Old Bird Origin: Singlish/Hokkien – the english translation of “Lao Jiao” in hokkien means someone who is experienced and is considered to be a senior at a workplace. Old Bird is used to describe someone who has been at a e.g. a workplace or army for years and is considered to be experienced and a […]


Gostan Origin: Malay – it means reverse and is a contradiction of the nautical term “to go astern” Gostan is used in scenarios where you need someone to go reverse/backwards. This usually happens in driving situations when you overshot at a destination or turn.

See See Look Look

See See Look Look Origin: Singlish – This phrase means to have a casual view of sights/happenings or items at a place. “See See Look Look” is often used as a response when someone you know chance upon you along the street or at a place that you usually would not be seen and he/she […]


10KKJ Origin: Internet slang/Singlish/Hokkien – slang for Tampines, a place situated in the eastern region of Singapore 10KKJ is an internet slang that is used to represent Tampines, a town situated in the eastern region of Singapore. It is not commonly used in conversation but frequently used in online forums, text messages and is usually […]