Jiak Origin: Hokkien/Teochew – literal translation “to eat” Jiak is a commonly used word to ask people if they have already eaten or to invite them to eat. It can be used to greet one another at the dinner table urging them to start eating. Younger family members will also greet their seniors at the […]

Chin Chai

Chin Chai Origin: Hokkien/Teochew – literally means “anything” or “whatever” Chin Chai is often used as a reply to a question when one is unable to make up his/her mind or has no preference to a choice. It can also be used to describe a person that is easy-going.


Ngeow Origin: Hokkien/Teochew – The direct translation is “Cat” but is mostly used to describe a scrooge. Ngeow is used to described a person that is stingy and behaves like a scrooge. A person of such personality can also be picky over trivial things and find fault with others.