Eye Power

Eye Power Origin: English/Singlish – used to describe someone that just stares instead of rendering help Eye Power is a phrase frequently used on someone who does not help but just simply stares as though he/she is rendering help through the power of his/her eyes.

Borrow Me

Borrow Me Origin: English/Singlish – broken english phrase used for borrowing something. Borrow me is wrongly used as a phrase when asking someone to lend an item. Instead of asking “Can I borrow your book?” or “Can you lend me your book?” , “borrow me” is often wrongly used in day-to-day conversation.

Die Die Must Buy

Die Die Must Buy Origin: Singlish/English – a phrase that literally says it is a must to buy even if you have to die for it. Die Die Must Buy is a phrase commonly used when a Singaporean spots an absolute bargain or when they travel overseas and realize that goods being sold are much […]

See See Look Look

See See Look Look Origin: Singlish – This phrase means to have a casual view of sights/happenings or items at a place. “See See Look Look” is often used as a response when someone you know chance upon you along the street or at a place that you usually would not be seen and he/she […]