Goondu Origin: Tamil/Malay – literally means fat (tamil) and hard (malay) but is used locally to describe a stupid person or an idiot. Goondu is a name that you use on someone who is either stupid or someone that acts like an idiot. 

Karung Guni

Karung Guni Origin: Malay – It means gunny sack but is more popular as a reference to our local Rag-and-Bone Man. Karung Guni better known to Singaporeans as Karung Guni Man is our local Rag-And-Bone Man who collects old items like newspaper, electrical appliances, clothes and many other stuff. In the past, they will go […]


Sayang Origin: Malay- could either mean love, calling someone that is dear to you and can also be used to describe “what a pity”. Sayang can be used in various forms. It can be used to tell someone that you love or dote on them, or to call out to someone that is dear to […]

Kampong Spirit

Kampong Spirit Origin: Malay- Kampong in malay means a rural village and the term kampong spirit means neighbours in the same village are helpful to one another thus creating this kampong spirit. The term Kampong / Kampung Spirit is also often used in Singapore’s urban concrete jungle (HDB) where neighbours live in the same estate […]

Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam Origin: Malay – it means Night market/bazaar. Pasar Malam is a common sight in the heartlands estates in Singapore. Not necessarily just restricted to the night, it can be operational during the day; but at night will see its peak. This is like a bazaar/pop-up stalls where one can find street food as […]


Kilat Origin: Malay/Army Lingo – Literally means excellent in malay. Kilat is a malay word that is often used in the Army. It is used to describe something that is done in such an excellent way and is hard for others to follow.

Referee Kayu

Referee Kayu Origin: Malay- Kayu literally means wood in malay and Referee Kayu is used as a chant to scold referees when they made incorrect decisions. Referee Kayu could be often heard when one watches a live football match at a stadium. This often occurs when the referee made an incorrect or odd decision. Referee […]


Wayang Origin: Malay- Literally means acting Wayang is a malay word to describe acting in a performance or a show. However, it is often used to describe someone as being “fake” in the sense he/she is acting, showing theatrics by putting up an act in front of others.