Kilat Origin: Malay/Army Lingo – Literally means excellent in malay. Kilat is a malay word that is often used in the Army. It is used to describe something that is done in such an excellent way and is hard for others to follow.

Water Parade

Water Parade Origin: Army Lingo – A parade where recruits have to drink large amounts of water. The term Water Parade is something that a Singaporean male will never forget. This is a parade where recruits or trainees need to partake by drinking large amounts of water to prepare them for the upcoming physical training. The […]

Drop 20

Drop 20 Origin: Singlish/Army Lingo – a corporal punishment in army in the form of 20 push ups Drop 20 is an army lingo that is used by instructors to give recruits or trainees a corporal punishment of 20 push ups. This punishment is usually meted out if the soldiers failed to follow instructions or […]

OTOT – Own Time, Own Target

OTOT – Own Time, Own Target Origin: English/Singlish/Army Lingo – Acronym for “Own Time, Own Target” OTOT which stands for “Own Time, Own Target” is a phrase first used in Army Camps when conducting shooting practice at a range for the soldiers. Instructions will be given to soldiers in this manner: “Firers watch the front, […]

chao private

Chao Private Origin: Hokkien/English/Army lingo – a name to describe a newly enlisted soldier Chao Private refers to a newly enlisted soldier. The word “chao” stands for smelly in hokkien and Private is the rank for a newly enlisted Soldier. The words used together form a name that is often used on new recruits by […]

Bobo Shooter

Bobo Shooter Origin: Army Lingo/Singlish – a term to describe a person who is unable to aim properly and hit the target. Bobo shooter is used to describe someone that is always off target when it comes to firing a weapon. This term is frequently used in the army where soldiers go for their annual shooting (range) where […]


MINDEF Origin: Abbreviation for Ministry of Defence MINDEF is the short form for the Ministry of Defence. This is a ministry of the Singapore Government that is in charge of national defence. It is the headquarters of the SAF – Singapore Armed Forces. Total Defence is its policy and consists of five pillars namely Military […]

ICT – In-Camp Training

ICT Origin: Acronym/Army Lingo – ICT stands for In-Camp Training ICT stands for In-Camp Training for active Singaporean National Servicemen. It is usually a once or twice a year event to refresh the skills of active National Servicemen as well as getting them up to date with defence news,etc.


SAF100 Origin: Army Lingo – SAF100 is a call-up notice for active Singaporean National Servicemen SAF100 is a call-up notice for active Singaporean National Servicemen. NSMen will have to login to the army portal to download the SAF100 which details the period of call-up, the attire and items to bring as well as the army […]