MINDEF Origin: Abbreviation for Ministry of Defence MINDEF is the short form for the Ministry of Defence. This is a ministry of the Singapore Government that is in charge of national defence. It is the headquarters of the SAF – Singapore Armed Forces. Total Defence is its policy and consists of five pillars namely Military […]

ICT – In-Camp Training

ICT Origin: Acronym/Army Lingo – ICT stands for In-Camp Training ICT stands for In-Camp Training for active Singaporean National Servicemen. It is usually a once or twice a year event to refresh the skills of active National Servicemen as well as getting them up to date with defence news,etc.


TLDR Origin: Acronym/Internet Slang – stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read” TLDR or TL;DR is basically an acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. It usually refers to a lengthy post on a forum or a lengthy text message.

BTO – Build-To-Order

BTO Origin: Acronym – BTO stands for Build-To-Order BTO is an acronym that stands for Build-To-Order and this refers to new public housing/flats in Singapore offered by HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore). BTO sales typically runs quarterly throughout the year. (depends on demand as well)