GG – Good Game

GG – Good Game Origin: Acronym / Internet Slang – Usually used for saying it was a good game after the end of a online game/match GG is often used to tell one another at the end of the game or match that it was a good game. However, it is also used to describe […]


5Cs Origin: Acronym– 5Cs represents the 5 goals of most Singaporeans: Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car, Country Club Membership 5Cs other than representing the 5 goals of most Singaporeans, it is also the criteria that some females would expect from their future husbands. Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car and Country Club Membership are the must […]


SBC Origin: Acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation SBC is the acronym for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation which was active between 1980-1994 bringing quality drama, documentaries and current affairs programmes to Singapore’s viewers.