Origin: Malay- could either mean love, calling someone that is dear to you and can also be used to describe “what a pity”.

Sayang can be used in various forms. It can be used to tell someone that you love or dote on them, or to call out to someone that is dear to you e.g. husband/wife/children. It is akin to sweetheart or darling.

It is also used to describe a missed opportunity describing it as “what a pity” or it will be a pity if action is not taken.


Ahmad: You know Sayang, we are not young anymore, maybe it is time to get married???

Siti: Huh?! Is that a proposal??? All these while you never sayang me with any tender loving care lor….

Ahmad: Aiya…ok lah I will treat you better after marriage…..Ok Ok I tell you the truth….Today I received HDB letter, our queue number is 20… if we give up this good number will be damn sayang one lor

Siti: #$%#@%^$^%#!!!

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