O$P$ – Owe Money, Pay Money

O$P$ – Owe Money, Pay Money

Origin: Acronym/English – O$P$ is a short form for Owe Money , Pay Money

The acronym O$P$ is often seen scribbled/sprayed on walls of buildings where the debtor lives. This is a tactic employed by loan sharks who harass debtors who failed to pay up.

O$P$ + unit no. of the debtor and sometimes the debtor’s name will be sprayed onto the wall at the void deck or on the walls of the floor where the debtor lives.

Sometimes, paint could also be splashed onto the debtor’s or debtor’s neighbours doors as a form of harassment.


Ah Seng: Ah Beng, you owe loan shark money ah….why the O$P$ on your wall???

Ah Beng: Not me lor, my neighbour owe them money!!! You see the unit no. is not mine…..but we share the same wall lor!!

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