ORD – Operationally Ready Date


Origin: Acronym, Army term. ORD stands for Operationally Ready Date.

ORD is the date when full-time national servicemen (Singaporean Males) complete their 2 years (previously 2.5 years) compulsory stint in the Singapore Army, Navy, Police or Civil Defence Force.

It is commonly known as the date that one can get back their Pink IC which is the NRIC, identity card of Singaporeans. Upon enlisting in military service, enlistees will surrender their NRIC and will be issued with a military identification card known as the “11B”.

After their stint, they will return to civil life and thus the return of their “Pink IC”.


“After we had signed the necessary forms and gotten back our Pink IC, we walked past the new recruits and proclaimed happily ORD loh!!”

Commonly used together with:

  • loh – ORD loh!!

Commonly associated with:

ROD, MR, 11B, NRIC, Pink IC

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