NRIC – National Registration Identity Card


Origin: Acronym, NRIC stands for National Registration Identity Card.

Every Singaporean born and bred in Singapore will be issued an NRIC – National Registration Identity Card when they reach the age of 12 years old. Prior to that, they will have to use their birth certificate as a form of identification.

The NRIC has two different colours, the pink is for Singapore Citizens and blue is meant for Singapore Permanent Residents.

NRIC is in the format of 9 alphanumeric characters for example: “S7012345A”, the first two numbers are usually indication of the birth year. This will be true for those born after 1968; for those born before 1968, their first two numbers are not relevant to their birth year.

For those born in Year 2000 and after, their NRIC no. starts with a “T” instead of the “S” which is meant for those born before the millennium.

Commonly associated with:

Pink IC, 11B

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