MLMLWML – Mai Lai, Mai Lai, Wa Mai Lai

MLMLWML – Mai Lai, Mai Lai, Wa Mai Lai

Origin: Acronym/Internet Slang/Hokkien – Literally means “don’t want, don’t want, I don’t want!”

This hokkien phrase is used popularly as an acronym in online forums. It is mainly used in reply to an undesirable suggestion telling people that they really do not want it or to be associated to it.

Internet Slang:

Ah Seng:  Ah Beng, that auntie you served just now seems like very rich leh..why don’t you jio her to become your sugar mummy??

Ah Beng:  MLMLWML!!! Basket!! You think I duck (gigolo) is it??? I can earn my own keep one ok!!

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