Karung Guni

Karung Guni

Origin: Malay – It means gunny sack but is more popular as a reference to our local Rag-and-Bone Man.

Karung Guni better known to Singaporeans as Karung Guni Man is our local Rag-And-Bone Man who collects old items like newspaper, electrical appliances, clothes and many other stuff.

In the past, they will go around with their gunny sack to collect items thus the name Karung Guni is synonymous to this trade. Till this day, they are still active.

They will go to every level of HDB flats with their horn and trolley shouting “Karung Guni, buay bor zua gu sa kor, ray-dio-dian-si-kee” (literally means “The Rag-And-Bone Man is here to buy your old newspapers, clothes, radio and television”) repeatedly with every blast of their horn to inform residents of their arrival. Residents often look forward to the Karung Guni Man as they get to sell their unwanted items for a small amount of cash.


Ah Beng at his own housing estate:Karung Guni, buay bor zua gu sa kor, ray-dio-dian-si-kee”

Ah Seng: “Wah Ah Beng since when you became a Karung Guni man??!!??

Ah Beng: “Haha , surprised right??!! I am now into recycling of old stuff and at the same time trying to up-cycle and sell whatever old items that I can improve and improvise on. I love our Mother Earth!! 

Ah Seng: “……………..”

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