Kampong Spirit

Kampong Spirit

Origin: Malay- Kampong in malay means a rural village and the term kampong spirit means neighbours in the same village are helpful to one another thus creating this kampong spirit.

The term Kampong / Kampung Spirit is also often used in Singapore’s urban concrete jungle (HDB) where neighbours live in the same estate help one another just like the good old days in the kampong.

In older HDB estates, the neighbours could actually be from the same village before they all moved to the HDB flats en masse.

Kampong spirit is also used to describe strangers/people coming together to help someone/others when they are in need of help.


Ah Beng: Ah Seng, did you read the news that day about the person who was trapped under the vehicle? Many people came forward to lift up the vehicle and helped him out and he survived!!  

Ah Seng: Yeah I did, some people may say we Singaporeans are heartless and only know how to use handphone to take pictures. But in such dire situation, we know how to exhibit our good old kampong spirit to help just about anybody.

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