Origin: Tamil/Malay – literally means fat (tamil) and hard (malay) but is used locally to describe a stupid person or an idiot.

Goondu is a name that you use on someone who is either stupid or someone that acts like an idiot. 


Ah Lian (sobbing*): “Ah Beng!! My friend saw you hugging a gal yesterday at one neighbouring secondary school!!! Why!! Why must you do this to me with a younger gal?!”

Ah Beng: “Eh you goondu, she is my younger sister lah. It was her “O’ levels results day and she did well lah…”

Ah Lian: “Huh really, you never told me you had a sister what!!

Ah Beng: “You didn’t ask what….everything must tell you one is it??!!”

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