DB – Detention Barracks

DB – Detention Barracks

Origin: Acronym, Army term

DB acronym for Detention Barracks is a well-known term among Singaporean males who serve or had served National Service.

Detention Barracks as the name suggest is a military prison where military/national service personnels are imprisoned for military offences. The acronym DB is often used in Singapore Military culture as a form of deterrence for would-be offenders.

It is also often used to remind soldiers that any wrongdoing or negligence would lead to a formal charge and result in the offender being sentenced to the DB.


Example: “Officer to enlistees: Gentlemen, let me remind you to fulfill your national service obligations. Be extra vigilant in exercising your duties, follow instructions accordingly and follow the chain of command. Any enlistee found to have flawed the rules is liable to a charge which could lead to a stay in DB.

Example: “Ah Beng had an altercation with his Platoon Sergeant and punched him right in the face. As a result, he was sentenced to two weeks in DB.

Commonly associated with:

Army, NS

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