Yam Seng

Yam Seng Origin: Cantonese – It means “Cheers” Yam Seng or Yum Seng means “cheers”. It is a form of congratulatory cheer and usually can be heard at Chinese Weddings. Usually the emcee will lead the way to perform this cheer and the rest of the guests will follow suit. The last cheer will usually […]

Grandfather’s Road

Your/My Grandfather’s Road Origin: Singlish/English- usually used to tell off someone when they block others from accessing a place/road. Your Grandfather’s road – is used to tell off people when they block the way of others on a public road/place. My Grandfather’s Road – is used to tell people that their grandfather literally own this […]

Yaya Papaya

Yaya Papaya Origin: Malay and Singlish – This term is derived from the malay word “yaya” which is to describe an arrogant person. Yaya Papaya is used to described a proud person or a person exhibiting arrogance. Papaya was most likely used to pair with yaya because of their similar pronunciation which makes the term […]