Water Parade

Water Parade Origin: Army Lingo – A parade where recruits have to drink large amounts of water. The term Water Parade is something that a Singaporean male will never forget. This is a parade where recruits or trainees need to partake by drinking large amounts of water to prepare them for the upcoming physical training. The […]


Wayang Origin: Malay- Literally means acting Wayang is a malay word to describe acting in a performance or a show. However, it is often used to describe someone as being “fake” in the sense he/she is acting, showing theatrics by putting up an act in front of others.

WOLS – Slow

WOLS Origin: Internet Slang – Slow spelled in reverse WOLS is often used in online forums as well as text messages to tell people that they are slow to realise an event or meaning of things. This often occurs when someone starts a new thread on the forum telling people of a piece of News […]