Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed Origin: Singlish – The term is used to describe a task that is easy to accomplish, just like a piece of cake. Chicken Feed is Singlish’s very own version of the english phrase “a piece of cake”. It is akin to describing that a task is easy or a problem that can be […]

Chao Keng

Chao Keng Origin: Hokkien- means feigning illness or physical injury Chao Keng is a commonly used term when describing someone for feigning illness or injury in order to avoid a duty/responsibility. This term is often used in the Army and at workplaces. It is synonymous to the english word “malinger”.


Cock-Up Origin: English – a common phrase used to describe something bad has occurred Cock-Up is frequently used to described a situation where something bad or unpleasant has occurred and prevent rightful things from happening or causing something bad to happen. E.g. a cock-up that leads to something that was supposed to happen not happening […]


Calefare Origin: Singlish- a name for someone who is working in a minor role on a film or show. They are commonly refer to as an “Extra” Calefare is someone that takes on a minor role in a film industry. They are usually an extra in a movie or show setting. They could be acting […]

Chin Chai

Chin Chai Origin: Hokkien/Teochew – literally means “anything” or “whatever” Chin Chai is often used as a reply to a question when one is unable to make up his/her mind or has no preference to a choice. It can also be used to describe a person that is easy-going.

chao private

Chao Private Origin: Hokkien/English/Army lingo – a name to describe a newly enlisted soldier Chao Private refers to a newly enlisted soldier. The word “chao” stands for smelly in hokkien and Private is the rank for a newly enlisted Soldier. The words used together form a name that is often used on new recruits by […]


Chope Origin: Singlish – local slang for reserving a table or seat at a hawker centre or eatery with free seating Chope is commonly used in scenarios where one has to reserve a table or seat at a place usually a hawker centre or eatery with no fixed seating. This usually happens when there is […]