Buay Tahan

Buay Tahan Origin: Hokkien/Malay – means unable to withstand/tolerate any longer. Buay (Hokkien) for “cannot” and tahan (malay) for “withstand” combines together to give the expression that one can no longer withstand or tolerate any longer. It has a similar meaning to the malay phrase “tak boleh tahan” where “tak boleh” means cannot.


Botak Origin: Malay – a word to describe someone that is bald Botak is used to describe someone that is bald and is also used to describe a balding person. It is also commonly used to describe someone who has just gotten a crew cut, especially new recruits to the Singapore Army. Commonly paired with […]

Bobo Shooter

Bobo Shooter Origin: Army Lingo/Singlish – a term to describe a person who is unable to aim properly and hit the target. Bobo shooter is used to describe someone that is always off target when it comes to firing a weapon. This term is frequently used in the army where soldiers go for their annual shooting (range) where […]

BTO – Build-To-Order

BTO Origin: Acronym – BTO stands for Build-To-Order BTO is an acronym that stands for Build-To-Order and this refers to new public housing/flats in Singapore offered by HDB (Housing Development Board of Singapore). BTO sales typically runs quarterly throughout the year. (depends on demand as well)

Borrow Me

Borrow Me Origin: English/Singlish – broken english phrase used for borrowing something. Borrow me is wrongly used as a phrase when asking someone to lend an item. Instead of asking “Can I borrow your book?” or “Can you lend me your book?” , “borrow me” is often wrongly used in day-to-day conversation.