Atas Origin: Malay – a term to describe a person or some place that is high class Atas can be used to describe someone as being arrogant or snobbish but is more commonly used now to describe someone doing things that is high class and of good taste.


Abang Origin: Malay – the term for elder brother and is also informally used to address a malay friend. Abang is a malay term for elder brother or just simply brother. It is common to call a male malay friend “abang” as it is akin to calling him “Hi Bro”.


agar-agar Origin: Malay –  a dessert that is similar to jelly. agar-agar is a jelly-like dessert derived from algae. It can also be used as an ingredient to complement other desserts. agar-agar itself can also be added with fruit slices or coconut milk to enhance its taste and appearance.


Alamak Origin: Malay – An exclamation word to express shock or surprise Alamak is an exclamation word used in situations when you are shocked or surprised by something or an event. It is something akin to “Oh my Mother!” and also “Oh my God!”.

Ang Moh

Ang Moh Origin: Hokkien – It literally means “Red hair” but is used as a term to represent Caucasians Ang Moh is a term that is used to refer to Caucasians. In the past, older people who disliked Caucasians will call them “Ang Moh Gui” (红毛鬼) which literally means “red hair ghost”.