Ang Moh

Ang Moh

Origin: Hokkien – It literally means “Red hair” but is used as a term to represent Caucasians

Ang Moh is a term that is used to refer to Caucasians. In the past, older people who disliked Caucasians will call them “Ang Moh Gui” (红毛鬼) which literally means “red hair ghost”.


Ah Lian: “Ah Hua, you see that cute handsome Ang Moh drinking alone at that corner, let’s go and talk to him lah.”

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  1. […] 1 – Ah Lian: “Just now got one cute and handsome Ang Moh stealing glances at me…aiyo I am so paiseh about […]

  2. […] “Ah Beng ah, your english is sibeh  powderful sia. I witnessed your conversation with the ang moh when you were trying to sell her perfume. You used phrases like “a person of your elegance […]

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