Agak, Agak-Agak, Agaration

Agak, Agak-Agak, Agaration

Origin: Malay – agak means to estimate

Agak and agak-agak are both malay words and are used to describe to estimate/guess. It is a conjecture usually based on one’s experience or one’s estimation.

Agak-agak can also be used to represent “about” or “more or less”. A singlish form of estimation inspired by agak is spelled as “agaration”



Susan: “Eh Siti, how many tablespoons of sugar for making this Pandan Chiffon Cake?”

Siti: “It is about the same as the marble cake, but you agak for yourself by doing a bit of taste testing lor.

Susan: “Yes I did. The sweetness is agak-agak the same but I just wanna double confirm with you before baking it.

Siti: “One must trust their own argaration, only then they will learn and improve mah”

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