MINDEF Origin: Abbreviation for Ministry of Defence MINDEF is the short form for the Ministry of Defence. This is a ministry of the Singapore Government that is in charge of national defence. It is the headquarters of the SAF – Singapore Armed Forces. Total Defence is its policy and consists of five pillars namely Military […]


Uplorry Origin: Singlish/English/Hokkien – to describe a particular person has died/passed away and also can be used to describe things beyond repair. Uplorry is used to describe someone that had already passed away or an item that is spoilt and no longer can be used. In hokkien, the term “ki chia” means the act of the […]

Ang Moh

Ang Moh Origin: Hokkien – It literally means “Red hair” but is used as a term to represent Caucasians Ang Moh is a term that is used to refer to Caucasians. In the past, older people who disliked Caucasians will call them “Ang Moh Gui” (红毛鬼) which literally means “red hair ghost”.